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Affordable Housing, Secure Housing, and Community Based Gentrification

Gina Curry is a believer that families need affordable and safe housing. As a young person from Baltimore suburbs Gina’s family struggled at times with consistent housing. Those childhood experiences can be traumatic for families and children. Lack of secure housing can bring developmental issues that lead to life journey struggles.


As a constituent service representative for Senator Tim Kearney, Gina learned the difficulty to find emergency housing for individuals and families in Delaware County. Affordable housing for non-emergency families in Delco seems almost impossible. Affordable housing efforts can take two to three years of delay before housing needs are met. Many feel that our communities believe gentrification is the process for change. 


Gina and her husband are also real estate investors. She believes that through creative financing, real estate development grants, and home ownership preparatory training, affordable housing does not have to be life long. Gina also believes that by initiating more Landlords relationships with groups like Community Action Agency. With strategic representation from State Reps, Senators and Municipal leaders families we may find paths to home ownership which can reduce the need for long term affordable housing.


Economic Development is a community plan of action that needs leaders to find strategic initiatives to these problems. The goal is to provide affordable housing, secure housing, and community based gentrification as a plan that can work together from the same side of the coin.

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