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Trade Education Opportunities

Gina has a supportive relationship with the local unions. As a child, the relationship was home grown because she has lived a life around trade, workforce development and education opportunities. Many of the men in her family were trade skilled.  Her parents were both union employees as a bricklayer and as a teacher in the Baltimore area.


Gina’s mother in-law spent her career as a dedicated educator and a union rep for the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers for over 20 years.  Gina has witnessed how the use of these skill sets and union representation supported her family socioeconomics growing up and how it continues to empower families and communities in the 164th and throughout Delaware County. 


As a parent, Gina’s son, who attends Embry Riddle University as an engineering student, often discussed his desire of pursuing a trade in addition to his college education. He believed that becoming a welder, plumber or an electrician would be a path to his dreams. In essence, I see trade education programs as a partner with public schools similar to college.  Apprenticeship programs, partnerships with schools, corporations and small businesses continue to be Gina’s top priority in the district. 


Trade opportunities should be prioritized as the grassroots partner with public education and provide economic opportunities within our communities.

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